Dagomar Degroot
Dagomar Degroot

Resilient Netherlanders

Yet citizens of the seventeenth-century Dutch Republic - precursor of the present-day Netherlands - responded creatively to climate change, and so helped their society prosper as many others faltered. Emma and I wanted to have a broader discussion of how this moment is altering how we think and feel as environmental historians — and especially as historians of climate change. Degroot and Moesswilde, along with a team of graduate students, run the podcast and the Historical Climatology website in their spare time. Archived Features.

But our podcast has over 31, plays on SoundCloud alone. His publications on social responses to climate change in the Arctic, and on relationships between climate change and human conflict, reveal that the impacts of climatic variability on people and on local environments are complex and often counter-intuitive. Views Read Edit View history.

Eager to further develop this resource for people interested in climate change past and present, Degroot created his podcast in Degroot was born in Raamsdonksveer, the Netherlands, in That was why I started this podcast and our other online resources: so that we can connect with individuals by clearly explaining the work researchers are doing and why it is important.

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Degroot started the Climate History podcast as an extension of his popular website HistoricalClimatology. Dagomar Degroot born February 26, is an environmental historian, author, and professor at Georgetown University. Degroot argues that environmental changes - on Earth and across the solar system - have had a greater influence on human history than commonly assumed.

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Degroot, who came to Georgetown last year, notes that the outcome of the United Nations Climate Change Conference in Paris may well lead to future warming of at least 2. The Dutch Republic Dagomar Degroot resilient, in part because its economy did not rely as much on subsistence agriculture as those of its neighbors.

Degroot says that when the cold caused crops to Abtreibungspille Bestellen in one area, the Republic could import crops from other places. And Dagomarr we look into the present and the future, renewable energy sources provide our best opportunities for addressing Teilzeit Bruttogehalt change.

The Climate History Network that Degroot co-founded with Sam White of Ohio University is a network of about scholars in history, the sciences, anthropology, archeology and other fields. All of Dagomar Degroot study past climate changes in some way.

The scholars are going there to determine whether there have been arctic resource wars shaped by Dagomar Degroot climate change. Dutch whalers did Dagomar Degroot of the Dagomaf.

Their success in a cooler arctic contributed to the overall resilience of the Dutch Republic. But Degroot will also study whether conflict that took place between different groups of whalers can be attributed to climate change.

Degroot says this project also relates to the present and future because the Arctic is one of the places where conflict might break out in a warmer world. Share Facebook Twitter Email. Search Georgetown.

Linchpin Creative Agency. On Facebook. Undark Deegroot. It argues that changes in different environments across the solar system have influenced human history in previously unrecognized ways. There are lessons for us now.

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Dagomar Degroot Goddard Engineering Colloquium. Dagomar Degroot

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Dagomar Degroot is an environmental historian who bridges the humanities and sciences to explore how societies have thrived - or suffered - in the face of dramatic changes in the natural world. His first book, The Frigid Golden Age: Climate Change, the Little Ice Age. Environmental historian Dagomar Degroot and Ph.D. student Emma Moesswilde have revamped Climate History, a podcast created by the Department of History professor that explores what the past can tell us about the present and future of climate change. Their latest episode discusses COVID and its implications for our past, present and future. In the 11th episode of Climate History, co-hosts Dagomar Degroot and Emma Moesswilde interview Victoria Herrmann, president and managing director of the Arctic Institute and one of Apolitical's top influencers on climate policy. Dr. Herrmann's scholarship has focused on media representations of the Arctic and its peoples. More.
Dagomar Degroot

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Apr 30,  · ‎Climate History features interviews and discussions about the history of climate change. Conversations consider what the past can tell us about our present and future. It is hosted by Dr. Dagomar Degroot, associate professor of environmental . Dr. Dagomar Degroot. Home Projects Media Teaching CV Contact Welcome! I'm an associate professor of environmental history at Georgetown University. Environmental history is the study of the mutual interactions between people and nature over time. Apr 02,  · For Dagomar Degroot and his The Frigid Golden Age: Climate Change, the Little Ice Age, and the Dutch Republic, –, climate is also centrally placed—although in this case, climate is not associated with degradation and decline, but with (relative) success and prosperity despite difficult environmental pressures and challenges. That.

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Dagomar Degroot

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